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Upward Basketball & Cheerleading

Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluations and Team Placement
  • When are evaluations? Are they required for all kids including cheerleaders?
Evaluations are required for all kids participating in Upward (including cheer for info & uniform). Families will be given an opportunity to try on uniforms to make sure they chose the right size, and kids will do a short 2-minute segment of basketball drills with a coach. Evaluations will take place on the following dates:11/11/2023,  11 am-2pm and 11/12/2023, 3-5 pm.

Team Placement
  • How does team placement work? Can Upward place my child on the same team as their cousin, friend, or another family member? 
All team placement is done through the evaluation process. We cannot accommodate team requests due to the number of kids in the program. There are a few ways that we do place kids. Twins/siblings will always be placed on the same team to ensure they have the same practice times during the week.  If you coach, your child will be placed on your team. We encourage each team to have 2 coaches in case of extenuating circumstances.

  • My child participates in other extracurricular activities. What nights are practices, and can you accommodate other practice schedules?
Upward does honor ONE no-practice night. Please make sure you mark which ONE night your child will be unable to practice. After that, we cannot accommodate more than one no-practice night. We understand that kids participate in multiple activities, but we only have so many gym slots available, and cannot accommodate schedules for all families.

  • I have one child who plays basketball and one who cheers. Will they play at the same time? Will they practice at the same time?
With our limited time and space, we will do our best to accommodate but we can in no way ensure this will happen. Guaranteeing different teams practice at the same time has many variables and it is unlikely to coordinate.

About Upward

Upward is a world-wide recreational sport organization that has a strong foundation in the Christian faith.  Athletes are taught how to play basketball and cheer, but most importantly, they learn how to live their life honoring God.  Our coaches teach the sport and they teach some great life lessons while encouraging our athletes to memorize scripture and it's application.

We play for about 8 weeks in the January through March time frame each season (practices will begin in December). Each team plays one game per week and all games take place on Saturday. Teams have only one practice per week.  An important time of this practice hour is to pause and sit together as a team to talk about the Life Application lesson for that week.  Coaches also award players each week for their effort and play (everyone wins a star for their play every week).  

Every child has a great experience at Upward.  Whether they are playing basketball or cheering, they walk away from every practice and every game day like they just won a championship! 

2024 Upward Registration Opens October 1st!

Early Registration for the 2024 season will open on Sunday, October 1st.  We are looking forward to a great season!!!  Hope you will join us and invite your friends, too!

When and where will the practices be? Practices will be held at Flushing Community Church for grades K-4, and at Westside Baptist for grades 5-6. Practice times will be set by coaches once registration closes.

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