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The Consummation of All Things Panel 9

The Bible gives us a glimpse into the consummation of God’s plan at the full establishment of His kingdom. God will again dwell with His people in a new heaven and a new earth, free of sin’s corruption (Rev 21:1-4). Like in panel 1, the new Earth forms the backdrop for God’s ongoing story. The tree of life appears again, along with the river of the water of life (Rev 22:1-5).

This new dwelling place is described as a city of pure gold, like clear glass (Rev 21:10-11, 18). Its gates are each made of a single pearl and its street is pure gold (Rev 21:21). One of these gates (depicted in the upper left) marks the church’s entrance into its eternal home from the story that has come before. The church at this time will be a great multitude from every nation worshipping around God’s throne (Rev 7:9-12).

And at the center is the Triune God. The Father, the lighted figure from panel 1, is seated on the throne (Rev 4:2-3, 9-11).

Jesus, the Son, stands before Him, as the conquering King of kings, crowned with glory and honor (Rev 17:14; Heb 2:9). He holds the rod of iron with which he rules the nations (Rev 19:15; Ps 2:7-9), and the book of life containing the names of all those who have overcome the world by faith in him (1 Jn 5:4-5; Rev 3:5; 20:11-15).

Crushed beneath his foot is the serpent, God’s adversary, who is finally defeated just as God foretold in the garden (Rev 20:7-10; Gen 3:14-15). Surrounding the Father and Son are the seven torches of fire representing the Holy Spirit (Rev 4:5). This picture does not signal the end of God’s story, but the start of a glorious new chapter that will continue for eternity.

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