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Parent Ministry

At Flushing Community, we believe in family. Regardless of life stage or situation, we are committed to partnering with parents. Parents are the primary spiritual leaders in the life of a child/teen and we want to help you accomplish this.

This page is a resource for you as a parent because we know parenting is hard work. You're on-call 24-hours-a-day even when you're sick and don't feel like it. Your kids go through changes faster than you can say, "Who are you?". And yet, you're expected to know how to deal with everything that happens all the time. We get to see the wonder they experience when they learn new things. One of our greatest rewards as parents is when we see our children begin to discover who they are in Christ.

That's why we want to do ministry with parents.

If we can help in any way please let us know,

Pastor Troy and Pastor Kelli

Click any icon below to find all the material you will need to lead your child through a significant Rite Of Passage Experience each year from Birth to 12th grade.  It could be a getaway weekend, a weekly study/conversation with your student, or an all day experience.

Each ROPE provides some ideas on 'How' and 'What' to do for the Rite of Passage. Click on the current age or grade of your child(ren) for their specific ROPE experience video and guides.

What's for Dinner Challenge

Join our What's for Dinner 40 day challenge as we challenge families to eat dinner together 20 times over the 40 days. This challenge starts on October 20 and goes until Thanksgiving day. Sign up below and grab a challenge pack NEXT SUNDAY (October 13th) with dinner questions and activities as well as a tracker for those 40 days. See Pastor Troy or Pastor Kelli with any questions.

Family Dinner Table Games (KidCity)

Do you want more conversations with your kids? These are some silly and fun games for you and your family to do at the dinner table together. Click on the PDF link below and enjoy!

Lunch Box Notes

Dear Parents, The morning rush before school is full of daily routines and a bit of chaos. But in the midst of the madness lies an opportunity for you to offer a regular infusion of faithful encouragement.

This resource is designed to help you offer a daily note of encouragement to your child. We’ll help you get started by giving you a note with a verse for 100 days. You can tweak the note, add what you want to say to it, and give it to your child.

Here are some different ways you can offer the note to your child in a creative way: 

  • Put it in their lunch box each day 
  • Write out the note and stick it to their bathroom mirror
  • Slide it under their pillow
  • Stick it in an envelope and hand it to them as they leave for school 
We hope that this resource makes it a bit easier for you to invest in you relationship with your child. If we help you pass down faith to your child, then we have scored a huge win towards the mission of our ministry. 

If you need any questions about this resource feel free to contact us. 

Pastor Troy and Pastor Kelli 

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