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Our Pastor Terry Bate delivers an inspiring and thought-provoking message each week. If you happen to miss a week, or if you just want to hear it again, you can get each week's bulletin, sermon notes and slides, and the audio recording of the message from this page (the audio is usually posted on Mondays). On Sunday mornings, you can participate LIVE with us on YouVersion

Home Run Life

May 17 2015 : Completion
May 17 2015 Completion Bulletin Notes Slides Audio
May 10 2015 : Competence
May 10 2015 Competence Bulletin Notes Slides Audio
May 03 2015 : Community
May 03 2015 Community Bulletin Notes Slides
Apr 26 2015 : Running with Character
Apr 26 2015 Running with Character Bulletin Notes Slides mp3 9:30 mp3 11:00
Apr 19 2015 : Connect
Apr 19 2015 Connect Bulletin Notes Slides Audio
Has life been all that you dreamed it would be?  I realize not everyone grew up playing baseball but for me, I played a lot of ball ... in the back yard, in the street, in the county park, in High School and even a year of college ball!  Depending on who was pitching for the other team, I would come up to home plate with a bat in my hand hoping to either "just make contact and don't look like a fool" or I would be thinking "I'm knocking this ball out of the park!"  

I think life can be similar ... depending on the circumstances I'm facing, I approach life hoping to "just not look like a fool" or I think to myself, "I'm going to show everyone how it's done!"  More times than not, I've swung and missed and found myself very disappointed.  

When you think about your life, what elements do you think would make for a "home run" kind of life?  Most of us would start with SUCCESS (the perfect job, the perfect salary, the perfect garage filled with the perfect toys).  Many might have thought of becoming SOMEONE (that your life would matter and that you would be envied by others).  Others of us likely desired to have a life that involved looking in the mirror with SELF-RESPECT (being a person of public and private integrity).  Ultimately, we all desire to live a life of SIGNIFICANCE (that we would make a difference in our world and leave it a better place).

In our new series, "Home Run Life," I'll be using the book by Kevin Myers (Pastor of 12Stone Church in Atlanta) called "Home Run" to help us all understand that life is a lot like the game of baseball.  There are general rules we must follow to play the game.  There are certain disciplines that will help us achieve more!  There is a pattern to playing that will increase our likelihood of success!  If we play the game of life outside of the rules ... if we try to run the bases out of order ... eventually we will be called out!  But there is a way we can learn to manage the game of life and succeed - and the secret is found in God's Word!

Join us for this 5-week teaching series each Sunday morning 9:30 and 11am.  We'll have dynamic worship, inspiring testimonies and thought provoking words that come from scripture.  I believe this series can really change your life and offer you meaning and purpose.  Get off the bench and let's swing for the fence together!

  • April 19 :: CONNECT - Building a life with purpose and power as we depend on God
  • April 26 :: CHARACTER - To get on 1st base we have to win the battles within ourselves and live with integrity
  • May 3 :: COMMUNITY - To get on 2nd base we have to win the struggles with others and live in relationship
  • May 10 :: COMPETENCE - To get on 3rd base we have win the temptations with success and live with meaningful results
  • May 17 :: COMPLETION - To get back to home plate, we have to learn how to score by serving others and giving God all the Glory, #homerunlife, #FCCHomeRunLife
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Twitter: @homerunbook, #homerunlife, #FCCHomeRunLife

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