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Building a Legacy

In February of 2016, our church launched a campaign that challenges our ministry direction and our facility expansion. Learn updates and how you can be involved with our campaign here.

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Campaign Update

At the end of July 2016, we have a total of $1,138,300 pledged over the next 3 years!  We are so humbled and blessed by the support of the church body.  We know many have not had the opportunity to pledge yet so we believe this number could go higher.  Our current construction estimate is $1,200,000 which leaves us $60,000 short.  Our overall goal of $1,650,000 would include construction costs and remove all debt from the church - freeing up about $40,000 annually for ministry purposes.  

Construction on this project can only begin once we satisfy these objectives:
1) Half of the final constructions costs have been contributed (current estimate would make this $600,000).
2) The other half of construction costs are being given on schedule so that after the 3 year capital campaign, we would add no additional debt on our books.

As of July 31, $549,000 has already been given toward our "Building A Legacy" campaign.  God is on the move!  Our Board and Building Teams have been finalizing our plans and making changes to our construction drawings based on the feedback we received from our various Town Hall Meetings in Jan-Feb. Our construction team is working with surveyors and the government to get us moving forward!  If you have any questions about our campaign, feel free to speak with Bob Coe (Campaign Chairman) Terry Bate (Lead Pastor) or Mark Taylor (Financial Commitment Leader).

Building A Legacy Information Packet

Use the button below to download your own copy of our Building A Legacy information packet.  This page details the ministry objectives that our leadership is setting in motion with this exciting campaign.  We also detail the necessary resources critical to seeing our objectives take place - including Leadership Development, Systematic Giving and Building Expansion. You can address all questions you have about your campaign to Pastor Terry Bate or Bob Coe, Campaign Chairperson.

Financial Commitment Card

Download your own Financial Commitment Card by clicking the button to the right.  You can fill out a card to articulate your personal financial commitment to our stewardship campaign.  You may pledge by offering a one time gift, an annual gift (maybe based on bonus' expected each year), quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly gifts.  The total amount show on your card reflects what you would like to give toward this building campaign (not your regular giving).

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