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Kid City Monthly Leaders MtgMon 4/16:30 pmChildren
Mercy TeamMon 4/17:00 pmMeeting
Men's Small GroupMon 4/17:00 pmSmallGro
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/29:30 amGeneral
Flushing Boys BasketballTue 4/27:00 pmReservat
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/27:00 pmSmallGro
Mixed Life GroupThu 4/46:30 pmSmallGro
Scouts Nerf War And OvernightFri 4/57:00 pmReservat
Scouts Nerf WarSat 4/66:00 amReservat
Bridal Shower At My HouseSat 4/6 Reservat
Easter Dinner BoxesSun 4/7MidnightGeneral
Dessert AuctionSun 4/79:00 amGeneral
WorshipSun 4/79:30 amWorship
WorshipSun 4/711:00 amWorship
Youth GroupSun 4/75:30 pmYouth 7-
Men's BasketballSun 4/78:00 pmReservat
Funeral/Snack FoodMon 4/811:00 amReservat
Mixed Life GroupMon 4/86:30 pmSmallGro
Men's Small GroupMon 4/87:00 pmSmallGro
Board MeetingMon 4/87:00 pmMeeting
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/99:30 amSmallGro
DR Mission Trip Planning MeetingTue 4/96:30 pmMeeting
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/97:00 pmSmallGro
Women's Ministry Team MeetingWed 4/106:30 pmGeneral
Home School Coordinator LunchThu 4/111:30 pmGeneral
Small GroupFri 4/126:30 pmSmallGro
Men's BreakfastSat 4/138:00 amSmallGro
Church Anniversary CelebrationSat 4/139:00 amGeneral
Lead Team MtgSat 4/135:30 pmChildren
Church Anniversary CelebrationSun 4/149:00 amGeneral
WorshipSun 4/149:30 amWorship
WorshipSun 4/1411:00 amWorship
Youth GroupSun 4/145:30 pmYouth 7-
Mixed Life GroupSun 4/145:30 pmSmallGro
Men's BasketballSun 4/148:00 pmReservat
Deadline for Easter Box ReturnSun 4/14 General
Easter Box DistributionMon 4/152:30 pmGeneral
Men's Small GroupMon 4/157:00 pmSmallGro
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/169:30 amGeneral
Knitting and Crochet GroupTue 4/166:30 pmGeneral
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/167:00 pmSmallGro
Mixed Life GroupThu 4/186:30 pmSmallGro
Easter SundaySun 4/21MidnightGeneral
WorshipSun 4/219:30 amWorship
WorshipSun 4/2111:00 amWorship
NO Youth GroupSun 4/21 Youth 7-
Mixed Life GroupMon 4/226:30 pmSmallGro
Men's Small GroupMon 4/227:00 pmSmallGro
Flushing Boys BasketballMon 4/227:30 pmReservat
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/239:30 amGeneral
FCOC Board of Directors MeetingTue 4/236:30 pmReservat
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/237:00 pmSmallGro
Varsity BasketballTue 4/238:00 pmReservat
Women's Ministry EventThu 4/256:30 pmGeneral
WorshipSun 4/289:30 amWorship
WorshipSun 4/2811:00 amWorship
Youth GroupSun 4/285:30 pmYouth 7-
Mixed Life GroupSun 4/285:30 pmSmallGro
Men's Small GroupMon 4/297:00 pmSmallGro
Flushing Boys BasketballMon 4/297:30 pmReservat
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/309:30 amGeneral
Ladies Small GroupTue 4/307:00 pmSmallGro
Varsity BasketballTue 4/308:00 pmReservat


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Meeting (Mercy)
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Youth 7-12
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Children / Youth
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