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Oak ReservedThu 3/110:00 amGeneral
Upward PracticesThu 3/15:00 pmUpward
Upward PracticesFri 3/25:00 pmUpward
Upward Game #8Sat 3/38:00 amUpward
Baby ShowerSat 3/31:00 pmReservat
WorshipSun 3/410:30 amWorship
Upward CelebrationSun 3/42:00 pmUpward
Youth GroupSun 3/45:30 pmYouth 7-
Open Gym BasketballSun 3/48:00 pmRecreati
Mercy TeamMon 3/57:00 pmMeeting
Men's Small GroupMon 3/57:00 pmSmallGro
Board MeetingMon 3/57:00 pmMeeting
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/69:30 amSmallGro
Oak ReservedTue 3/61:00 pmGeneral
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/67:00 pmSmallGro
7th Grade Boys BasketballWed 3/77:00 pmReservat
Oak ReservedThu 3/810:00 amGeneral
8th Grade Girls BballThu 3/87:00 pmReservat
Global Mission TripFri 3/9MidnightGeneral
6th Grade Girls BasketballFri 3/95:00 pmReservat
Small GroupFri 3/96:30 pmSmallGro
Global Mission TripSat 3/10MidnightGeneral
Men's BreakfastSat 3/108:00 amSmallGro
Zone QuizSat 3/109:00 amChildren
Lead TeamSat 3/105:30 pmChildren
Crowded HouseSat 3/106:30 pmChildren
Young Adult BowlingSat 3/108:30 pmGeneral
Global Mission TripSun 3/11MidnightGeneral
WorshipSun 3/1110:30 amWorship
Dinner & Movie NightSun 3/115:30 pmChildren
Youth GroupSun 3/115:30 pmYouth 7-
Open Gym BasketballSun 3/118:00 pmRecreati
Global Mission TripMon 3/12MidnightGeneral
6th Grade Girls BasketballMon 3/125:00 pmReservat
Men's Small GroupMon 3/127:00 pmSmallGro
7th Grade Boys BasketballMon 3/127:00 pmReservat
Global Mission TripTue 3/13MidnightGeneral
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/139:30 amSmallGro
Gym Work ProjectTue 3/13NoonReservat
Oak ReservedTue 3/131:00 pmGeneral
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/137:00 pmSmallGro
Global Mission TripWed 3/14MidnightGeneral
7th Grade Boys BasketballWed 3/147:00 pmReservat
Global Mission TripThu 3/15MidnightGeneral
Oak ReservedThu 3/1510:00 amGeneral
6th Grade Girls BasketballThu 3/155:00 pmReservat
8th Grade Girls BballThu 3/157:00 pmReservat
Global Mission TripFri 3/16MidnightGeneral
Global Mission TripSat 3/17MidnightGeneral
WorshipSun 3/1810:30 amWorship
Youth GroupSun 3/185:30 pmYouth 7-
KidCity Team MeetingSun 3/186:30 pmChildren
Open Gym BasketballSun 3/188:00 pmRecreati
6th Grade Girls BasketballMon 3/195:00 pmReservat
7th Grade Boys BasketballMon 3/197:00 pmReservat
Men's Small GroupMon 3/197:00 pmSmallGro
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/209:30 amSmallGro
Oak ReservedTue 3/201:00 pmGeneral
Ice Cream Ticket TuesdayTue 3/206:30 pmChildren
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/207:00 pmSmallGro
7th Grade Boys BasketballWed 3/217:00 pmReservat
Oak ReservedThu 3/2210:00 amGeneral
8th Grade Girls BballThu 3/227:00 pmReservat
6th Grade Girls BasketballFri 3/235:00 pmReservat
Children's District QuizSat 3/249:00 amChildren
Birthday PartySat 3/246:00 pmReservat
WorshipSun 3/2510:30 amWorship
Youth GroupSun 3/255:30 pmYouth 7-
Open Gym BasketballSun 3/258:00 pmRecreati
Building Block for Holy WeekMon 3/26MidnightReservat
Men's Small GroupMon 3/267:00 pmSmallGro
Building Block for Holy WeekTue 3/27MidnightReservat
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/279:30 amSmallGro
Oak ReservedTue 3/271:00 pmGeneral
Ladies' Small GroupTue 3/277:00 pmSmallGro
Building Block for Holy WeekWed 3/28MidnightReservat
Building Block for Holy WeekThu 3/29MidnightReservat
Oak ReservedThu 3/2910:00 amGeneral
Building Block for Holy WeekFri 3/30MidnightReservat
Building Block for Holy WeekSat 3/31MidnightReservat
Serve SaturdaySat 3/31 Youth 7-


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