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Essential Old Testament

Discover God's Story in the Old Testament: Jan-Mar 2015

The Bible is full of stories, but how do they all fit together? What's the bigger picture behind all those chapters and verses? How has God worked through history to reveal himself and accomplish his plans? And why do these centuries-old writings matter to our lives today? This session is a 9-week journey through the entire Old Testament. We'll see the beginnings of God's story with his people, how this part of the story points us to God's ultimate plan of redemption, and how his word continues to speak into our lives today. Whether the Bible is new to you or you know it well, this is a great chance to discover the essentials of the Old Testament.

Week 1: The Beginning (Jan 14, 2015)

The story begins with God. He speaks and, out of nothing, the universe is made. In the midst of the vastness of his creation is earth, the place he designs to dwell with his people. It's also the place sin enters. And with one act of rebellion, it becomes center stage for a battle against evil and a quest toward redemption.

Presented by: Mike DeVuyst 

Week 2: The Family of Promise (Jan 21, 2015)

God's good creation has been corrupted by sin. Mankind's relationship with the Creator is broken. But God is determined not to leave it this way. He chooses one man, an unlikely candidate commended for his faith, to initiate a plan of redemption. And so Abram receives a promise of a family and a blessing for the whole world.

Presented by: Mike DeVuyst

Week 3: Calling a Holy Nation (Jan 28, 2015)

Four hundred years have passed since God saved Abraham's family by bringing them into Egypt. Now, God must save them again by bringing them out of Egypt. He chooses Moses to lead the people to freedom, to establish a new covenant with them, and to turn this family into a holy nation that bears witness to redemption.

Presented by: Julie Close

Week 4: The Promised Land (Feb 4, 2015)

After forty years in the wilderness, God leads Israel in to possess the land that He had promised to Abraham centuries before. But as the people settle, idolatry creeps in. Amidst ongoing battle with neighboring nations, God raises up leaders to deliver His people and uses one foreign woman to keep paving the path to redemption.

Presented by: Steve Close

Week 5: The Kingdom Born (Feb 11, 2015)

In time, Israel cries out for a king, and, at the people's persistence, God grants their request. He first anoints Saul, whose later disobedience costs his family the throne. In the meantime, the anointing comes on David, who proves to be a man after God's own heart. In turn, God promises David a kingdom that far outlasts his own rule.

Presented by: Nate Oliver

Week 6: The Kingdom Divided (Feb 18, 2015)

Israel enjoys peace and prosperity under Solomon, who reigns wisely as king for many years. But eventually he too fails the Lord. Soon the nation divides into two kingdoms, each falling further away from God under the rule of many kings. In love, God sends prophets to call His people back, warning of the danger ahead if they refuse.

Presented by: Steve and Julie Close

Week 7: Exile (Feb 25, 2015)

God repeatedly reminds His people that their unfaithfulness will end in disaster. But when they refuse to listen, first Israel, then Judah, is conquered. Jerusalem and the temple are destroyed. The people are taken captive into a foreign nation. Yet even when all seems lost, God still has a plan to redeem those who will trust in Him.

Presented by: Dori DeVuyst

Week 8: The Remnant (Mar 4, 2015)

Even before the exile, God promised a remnant would return to the land. When the time is fulfilled, Babylon is judged for its crimes against Judah and the people are free to return home. Through it all, God stays faithful to preserve His people and leads them in rebuilding their identity as they wait for the ultimate redemption to come.

Presented by: Nate Oliver

Week 9: The Beginning of Wisdom (Mar 11, 2015)

God's plan of redemption includes drawing humanity back into relationship with Him. It involves shaping His people to live rightly before Him. Throughout His story, God calls them to hear. From songs of worship to proverbs to speaking out of a whirlwind, God imparts wisdom and instructs mankind in the way they should go.

Presented by: Mike DeVuyst
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